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Toyota Kluger Haynes repair manual 1999 -2007 Get other Toyota repair manuals here Haynes (USA) publication No.92095 covering Toyota Highlander (Kluger) Lexus RX300/330 1999 thru 2014 (Softcover 304 pages).Haynes (USA) - American publication based on left-hand drive (LHD) versionsToyota Highlander from 2001 (second generation sold in Australia as the Kluger from October 2003)Lexus RX 300 from 1999 (not sold in Australia aka Toyota Harrier in Japan)Lexus RX 330 from 2003 (sold in Australia from April 2003 aka Toyota Harrier) Engines: 2.4 litre (2362 cc) 2AZ-FE DOHC 4 cylinder petrol. 3.0 litre (2994 cc) 1MZ-FE DOHC V6 petrol.3.3 litre (3311 cc) 3MZ-FE DOHC V6 petrol.Table of contents: Introduction Chapter 1: Tune-up and routine maintenance Chapter 2: Part A: Four-cylinder engine Chapter 2: Part B: V

Toyota Kluger 2003-2014 Workshop manual

car repair service maintenance manual book
Toyota Kluger V6 Petrol 2003 - 2014 Gregorys Owners Service Repair Manual covers: Series MCU28R GSU40R GSU45RPetrol Engines Covered: 3.3 litre V6 - 3MZ-FE 3.5 litre V6 - 2GR-FEContents: Tune-up and routine maintenance 3.3 litre V6 (3MZ-FE) Engine 3.5 litre V6 (2GR-FE) Engine General engine overhaul procedures Cooling heating and air conditioning systems Fuel and exhaust systems Engine electrical systems Emissions and engine control systems Automatic transaxle and transfer case Driveline Brakes Suspension and steering systems Body Chassis electrical system Wiring DiagramsNOTE: Only maintenance adjustment minor repair procedures plus removal and installation are described for the Transmissions.

The Toyota Highlander, also called the Toyota Kluger, are a mid-size crossover SUV produced by Toyota. Its built on exactly the same platform as used on the Toyota Camry, but predicated on size of the Toyota Avalon chassis.

Established in April 2000 during the New York car tv show and arriving in late 2000 in Japan and January 2001 in united states, the Highlander became among the first car-based mid-size SUV or mid-size crossovers. The Highlander is the crossover equivalent on more durable, truck-based midsize 4Runner and became Toyota's best-selling SUV before becoming exceeded by the smaller RAV4 in 2006. In Japan, the Kluger are exclusive to dealership system known as Toyota NETZ as a larger substitute for the RAV4.

Not able to utilize the Highlander title in Japan and Australia due to a trademarked Hyundai Terracan trim line, Toyota calls the vehicle the Toyota Kluger indeed there, the name produced by the German keyword klug, meaning clever or wise (klger being the comparative kind).

You can find off-roaders and soft-roaders and someplace in the center cars such as the Toyota Kluger. Gigantic and imposing with place for the household plus Nan and Pop, the Kluger hammered yet another nail into the coffin of large, old-fashioned passenger cars.

For some time after its 2003 production, the Toyota Kluger lacked an authentic competition but along came Ford's Territory to jeopardize business of the higher-priced Toyota. Threaten? Not when you're a worldwide car-making powerhouse and can only grab a two-wheel drive version (which was indeed offered somewhere else since 2001) to blunt any challenge posed by the upstart Aussie Ford.

The refurbished Kluger that reached Australian roads later in 2007 subscribed towards the adage 'if it aint smashed, just enhance it'. Most obvious one of the GSU show' adjustment ended up being the option of full-time front-wheel drive in extension to sensor-activated 4WD.

a dramatically revised design included 75mm into wheelbase and ended up being 85mm larger. Revamping the inner construction enhanced overall torsional strength and added to a quieter on-road environment. Nonetheless it did put around 60kg towards the Kluger's already significant body weight.

The lowest-spec 4WD design now exceeded 1900kg and in Grande form the up-to-date Toyota quickly surpassed two tonnes. Countering the rise in bulk was a 3.5-litre motor replacing the 3.3 and delivering a substantial 29kW power enhance.

Revising the product range included some renaming too. The entry-level CV became the KX-R; obtainable in five or seven seat form. GSU40R inside design ID denoted two-wheel drive, with all-wheel drive versions identified by GSU45R. Replacing the previous CVX had been a KX-S variation however the range-topping Grande retained its prestigious name.

In the bottom of this Kluger cost stack ended up being the five-seat, two wheel-drive KX-R. At $39,990 they are priced at $2000 significantly more than the recently-repriced Ford area TX but countered using more powerful system and a five-speed transmission. Included were 17-inch alloys, a six CD stacker, reversing digital camera, security control and air-bags every where.

Enhancing the sitting capacity to seven tacked $2500 on the KX-R selling price, or you might leap $10,000 towards loaded and luxurious KX-S 44. Inside we were holding leather-trimmed seats -- power adjustable at the front end, keyless entry with push-button start, a big sunroof and in-dash display with reversing digital camera. Strangely, not one of early GSU-series Klugers came with parking sensors.

For 2009 Toyota added some extra value by launching the very first of its height systems. At $45,490 for two-wheel drive and $49,990 with all the rims travel they cost above later on Altitudes but extras like 19-inch rims, six-CD songs, an electrical sunroof, rear spoiler and dual area air-conditioning caused it to be a favorite choice with buyers.

Upgrading the Kluger in belated 2011 provided Toyota an opportunity to more develop their market place. The KX-R at $39,990 got a good start to its gear however the huge champion ended up being the KX-S with leather seat trim, an innovative new speakers and dash display all while keeping the price of a 44 below $45,000.

On Your Way
The next generation Kluger may have stuffed on some chicken but it definitely actually sluggish. The 2GR-FE engine are provided among a long list of Toyota and Lexus solutions plus in the proper execution we come across here produces 201kW on a diet of 91 octane gas. With peak energy reaching 6200rpm and torque at around 4500rpm this is a runner maybe not a slogger though and you also want to rev the V6 to ensure it gives its ideal.

When you do, the Kluger bolts when it comes to horizon in a large ways. Roadway examinations revealed the 2WD would hit 100km/h from zero in 7.9 moments as well as the cumbersome Grange seems racy whenever you flick the sequential shifter back once again a couple of notches.

Much more bulk required modifications toward already excellent four-coil suspension system and uprated brake system too. The 28mm dense disks are today 21mm bigger in diameter than earlier.

Trip quality on bumpy sealed areas is great if somewhat pitchy and all-wheel drive variations are skilled on well-groomed gravel . Crushed approval increased but decreased suspension system vacation additionally the single-range transmission nonetheless limit where these vehicles can safely be taken off road.

Owners of versions with 19-inch tires need to be particularly mindful as those 55 Series tyres never cushion the rims especially well and are usually high priced to restore. A full-sized free comes with Klugers, in order to travel with esteem to remote regions where replacement tyres are scarce. Hill-descent support was standard on 4WD versions.

Until you should continuously vacation on unsealed roads after that front-drive models that have been designed for us conditions will work alright.

Fabric utilized in higher-end Klugers was of great quality and seems durable. It is hard to find a recently available design on offer with truly tatty trim. The front seats were reshaped but still feel level. Additionally they lack the lateral grip available in cloth-trimmed versions. In the event that you mean travelling loads on undulating tracks or were exuberant inside cornering design, possibly avoid a leather-equipped Kluger.

Those utilising the 'middle' workbench in seven-seat versions will love decent support and legroom. The 'occasional' chair that hides in baggage region floors was a tight fit for grownups but fairly comfortable for more youthful occupants. Child-seat installing points are really easy to reach and both backside seating can be collapsed to give a large load-space. The retracting back window try a good function.

Fuel consumption despite around two tonnes to carry actually specifically awful. Highway driving in optimum problems will dsicover the container strain at around 11L/100km and only in stop-start town slogging can it go above 15L/100km. Lighter tow plenty like a jet-ski or cycle truck will not challenges the V6 or greatly impact gas usage but connect a large van on behind and the system with its high torque bend will soon be asking for frequent gas stops.

Safety in a car that almost certainly be applied as family members transportation is vital and also you will not pick numerous this size that offer best crash-avoidance methods or occupant defense. All Klugers have actually ABS, Stability and grip Control (plus 4WD if you'd like) and also at minimum seven air-bags with eight sensors.

"No get noticed faults. Assessment reviews become mainly noting basic don to interior equipment, past panel repair works and normal use things (brakes, tyres, etc). A few notes relate to noisy driver's power house windows." Well-maintained Klugers usually show couple of troubles.

Other areas to take into account before giving a car for expert assessment include:
>> Underbody damage, especially the forward stone-tray, sills and spare wheel service

>> The front drive-shaft shoes that might be dried out, torn and dripping lubricant. Dust or sand in bones causes quick use and troubles for the shaft. View brake rotors for scoring that may suggest imminent substitution and fatigue for harm because careless off-roading.

>> Leather trim at the beginning of models can at this point feel searching shabby unless it has been kept clean and well-fed with a quality conditioner. If an automobile was showing noticeable trim wear you'll pretty much guarantee that repair various other areas has additionally been neglected.

The Highlander (or Kluger in Japan and Australian Continent) provided a system using its Lexus RX/Toyota Harrier cousin. They emerged in five (2001--2007) and seven-seat (2004--2007) designs and became a sales achievements for Toyota in many markets around the world. The Highlander emerged standard with front-wheel drive and provided all wheel drive (50:50 front:rear fixed torque split). Unlike Toyota's own 4Runner along with other mid-sized competition including the Jeep Grand Cherokee, or Chevrolet TrailBlazer, the Highlander directed for on-road convenience along with its unibody construction and separate back suspension. Although it was longer than the 1996--2002 4Runner offered by the full time it was launched, the Highlander had been surpassed long by the redesigned 4Runner in 2002.

The Highlander had been available in three trim outlines in the us: the base design, the game design, and Limited design. The beds base and restricted models had been present whenever Highlander was introduced, whilst Sport model ended up being introduced in March 2006. In Japan, it is thought to be an extra car given that Kluger exceeds Japanese federal government laws regulating system displacement and external dimensions.

In 2004 the rims on the restricted trim changed from a six-spoke, to a five-spoke alloy. The base-model Highlander wheels furthermore changed from steel-rims on alloy wheels which were regarding 2001--2003 design 12 months Highlander brief and B-Package. The activity designs had a distinctive grille design, differentiating on their own from non-Sport products. Wheel styling furthermore acts to distinguish the different models---the hybrid activities a unique twin-spoke build.

The Kluger is introduced to Australia in October 2003. It had been for sale in three guises: CV, CVX, and Grande. A small version CV Sport design was also introduced in 2006. There was no crossbreed design available in Australia. The actual only real system supplied was the 3.3-liter 3MZ-FE V6. Typical fuel economic climate with the Australian standard screening regime try 12.3 L/100 kilometer (23.0 mpgimp; 19.1 mpgUS).


2001--2007 2.4 L 2AZ-FE I4, 155 hp (119 kW)
2001--2003 3.0 L 1MZ-FE V6, 220 hp (164 kW)
2004--2007 3.3 L 3MZ-FE V6, 225 hp (172 kW)

The 3.0-liter system could propel the Kluger from 0--60 miles per hour in approximately 8.8 moments. In 2004 the Kluger was presented with a new 3.3-liter V6 motor to compete with the greater effective V6 offerings from the rivals, mainly the Nissan Murano as well as the Honda Pilot. The bigger motor managed to make it possible for the Kluger to attain 0 to 60 miles per hour (97 km/h) in 7.8 seconds.

The Japanese and Australian Kluger was launched with a center console incorporated with the dashboard, while the us Highlander initially lacked this incorporated center system. The integrated center console ended up being introduced in all U.S. Highlanders as well as in Canadian brief Highlanders in 2001, for 2002 design seasons, as well as in all Canadian Highlanders in 2003, for the 2004 design season. However, for these very early Highlanders without incorporated center console, a smaller sized non-integrated stand-alone center system was readily available as a choice, that was put in during the factory or could be set up by the dealer.

In 2003, the 2004 design season, besides the 3.3-liter engine, V6-powered systems were equipped with a new five-speed automated transmission, replacing the four-speed automated transmission, while the inline-four brands proceeded to make use of the old four-speed. This current year also spotted the development of the recommended 3rd row seat permitting two extra individuals. The guts system, that was previously unique to your top trim levels, happens to be standard across all trims. The unibody is somewhat modified behind the second line seating to incorporate a depression in the trunk area floor capable accommodate the recommended third line seating. On brands without third row seating, this anxiety ended up being turned into a storage area (prior to 2004 the free tire ended up being available from inside the vehicle in which the 3rd line seating would afterwards feel positioned; beginning in 2004 the spare tire is accessible from beneath the automobile). Subdued changes toward front side grille, front side and back bumpers, headlights and taillights (LED taillights on later on hybrid designs) round-out the major adjustment the 2003 mid-cycle refresh.
2005 update

In 2005, for 2006 model 12 months, Highlanders marketed in Canada are offered best in a V6 all-wheel drive setup. Hybrid products are available with part-time four-wheel drive which Toyota relates to as 4WD-i where in actuality the back tires are run on the separate electric motor. This system is supposed for use on snowfall and ice, and is prone to overheating the trunk electric engine off road.

Anti-lock brake system, brake assist and electronic brakeforce distribution are standard, automobile security Control w/traction control optional on 2001--03 versions became standard for 2004 versions (Hybrids come standard with VDIM). Furthermore standard for 2004 was a tire pressure track. Front seat-mounted side torso airbags had been optional on 2001--06 products, while forward and 2nd row part curtain airbags are optional on 2004--06 brands. Side airbags became standard on 2007 versions and the curtain airbags gained a rollover sensor that year besides.

Toyota unveiled the second-generation Highlander and Highlander crossbreed during the 2007 Chicago automobile program, with US business beginning in July and hybrids in late September. Nevertheless second-generation Highlander and Highlander Hybrid are not offered in Japan. The five-seat Highlander for the united states of america and Canada ended up being fallen once the larger Venza replaced they.

Initially the only powertrain for 2008 Highlander is a 270 horsepower (201 kW) 3.5-liter 2GR-FE V6 mated to a five-speed automatic. The four-cylinder design was in fact stopped but added once again in '09. Although the 3.5-liter engine has actually 55 even more bhp compared to the past 3.3-liter V6 and dimensional increases along side enhanced noise proofing included almost 500 weight into the vehicle's curb pounds of approximately 4,000 pounds, fuel economic climate was somewhat enhanced. The EPA projected gasoline economic climate for front-wheel drive versions is at 18 mpgUS (13 L/100 kilometer; 22 mpgimp) city / 24 mpgUS (9.8 L/100 km; 29 mpgimp) highway (last gen: 17 mpgUS (14 L/100 km; 20 mpgimp) town / 23 mpgUS (10 L/100 kilometer; 28 mpgimp) hwy).

For 2009, Toyota once more provided a 4-cylinder for 5-passenger front-wheel drive designs with all the all-new ULEV-II certified 2.7-liter 1AR-FE I4 paired to a six-speed automatic. It creates 187 hp (139 kW) at 5,800 rpm and 186 lbft (252 Nm) of peak torque at 4,100 rpm on regular 87 octane gas. The four-cylinder provides an EPA determined gas economic climate of 20 mpgUS (12 L/100 km; 24 mpgimp) city and 27 mpgUS (8.7 L/100 kilometer; 32 mpgimp) highway. This might be better than the last design's four-cylinder with 19 mpgUS (12 L/100 km; 23 mpgimp)/25 mpgUS (9.4 L/100 kilometer; 30 mpgimp).

Exactly the same three trim amount had been offered (Base, Sport, and restricted) until early 2010 once the SE design changed the game design, buyers remain in a position to choose from front-drive or all-wheel drive on V6 platforms. Furthermore brand new try an electric powered Power Steering (EPS) program. Athletics and brief designs bring a regular back-up camera utilizing a 3.5-inch LCD show. Major options integrate fabric seats, heated seats, a touch-screen DVD based navigation program, a practical Key program, an upgraded JBL Synthesis stereo, a rear-seat DVD entertainment system with 9-inch display screen, and a towing package that increases pulling capacity to 5000 pounds.

The XU40 was created exclusively on Miyata plant in Miyawaka, Fukuoka, Japan for all international markets starting in might 2007. Manufacturing in China for neighborhood business ended up being going on 25 May 2009 by GAC Toyota in Nansha area, Guangzhou, Guangdong. Toyota had intended on creating the Highlander in Blue Springs, Mississippi for united states market when you look at the 2011 design season. However, the Corolla is built indeed there instead, plus the Highlander has been built at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana in Princeton, Indiana, through the 2010 design seasons onward for a lot of united states, replacing Tundra production. TMMI Highlander manufacturing started in October 2009 for gas engine designs only; hybrids continued to be brought in from Japan through to the launch of the 3rd generation XU50, in which all production except for China was consolidated at TMMI.

In Australia, the latest generation Kluger was released in August 2007. You can find three grades available, KX-R, KX-S and Grande. All grades can be found with either 2WD or AWD. The beds base model KX-R can also be readily available with either five or seven seating, as the second grades is seven seaters just. Standards are mostly like the people Highlander, revealing the same 3.5-litre V6 2GR-FE system and five-speed automated transmission. However, there aren't any methods at the moment to present a hybrid form of the Kluger to the Australian market.

All brands come ordinary with enhanced automobile Stability Control which straight away alters electric powering steering assist w/traction controls (hybrids come standard with VDIM), anti-lock brake system, braking system support and electronic brakeforce circulation. Furthermore standard was a tire force track, a driver's knee airbag, front seat-mounted side body airbags, part curtain airbags for several three rows including a rollover sensor and active front headrests. Slope Start aid controls (HAC) can be standard which prevents moving backwards on mountains, and Downhill support Control (DAC) was standard on AWD trims.

The IIHS costs the Highlander "Good" general within their front offset crash test, and close in all subcategories aside from "Head/neck," that will be rated as "Acceptable." And "close" total when you look at the side effects crash test, with "great" score in most nine calculated categories. The Highlander is also ranked "close" inside roof power test, giving they a "top safety choose" score.

In Australasian New vehicles evaluation system (ANCAP) testing the Kluger was provided a 5/5 movie stars score but just a 1/4 stars rating for pedestrian cover.

The safety and results associated with the Highlander/Kluger's Vehicle security Control system has-been questioned by some motoring journalists. During evaluation for tires magazine vehicles of the season in 2007, the magazine's editor rolled the car during high-speed gravel road-testing. Noting it was initial these types of occasion when you look at the magazine's 45-year record, he criticised the car's stability system stating that "too little the Kluger's ESP added to the crash". Six regarding the seven more judges furthermore claimed which they thought "the automobile's ESP performance had been sub-standard", and remarked that car was "almost dangerous on dirt ". In a written response, Toyota disputed the circumstances of the crash and criticised the testing treatments as "unscientific".

On 27 March 2013, Toyota launched the third-generation XU50 series Highlander during the nyc Overseas automobile program, with intends to possess vehicle reach dealerships during the early 2014. Manufacturing began on 5 December. This variation are much longer and wide versus outbound generation as well as its design changed from its boxy turn to one that is like more mid-size crossover SUVs.

In addition to the modifications, this 1 will feature seating for eight people who have a sliding second-row point of entry that offers they 4.3 ins of added circumference room, soft-touch items regarding tool panel, lane-departure caution, pre-collision warning and blind spot monitoring techniques. HD Radio and Bluetooth will end up a typical on all trims for US version, which will also come designed with Toyota's Entune multimedia program and a 6.1-inch touchscreen show sound system. An eight-inch touchscreen program and Toyota's Entune application collection with 12 JBL speakers will be supplied as an optional function. The three powertrain trims which is offered include a 2.7-liter, six-speed automated, front-wheel drive base model, a 3.5-liter, six-speed automated model both in forward- or all-wheel drive, in addition to AWD-only crossbreed trim with a 3.5-liter V6 mated to an eCVT.

The newest Highlander can be authorized for usage as a York town taxicab.

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